Marketing Tools by Superlative Creating an online store is easy. Just choose a design, add your products and start selling!


Quick Shopping carts guides you effortlessly thru the building process of you own professionally looking eCommerce store on your domain or subdomain. With more than 800 professionally designed templates you design the look of the store, up load product images to your catalog , select how you want the product shipped and tax options. Once you like the look of your store and you have it all stocked with images and pricing, your ready to publish. Three plans to choose from based on the amount of products you intend to see.

Now that we have our eCommerce site finished and published, it's time to start collecting. Here is how you get the money. The shopping cart is the collection center for your customers payment information and shipping address, products and quantities desired. This data is securely encrypted and transferred to the merchant account. The internet merchant account scans for fraud and abuse, verifies the account, and if authorized, place the funds in to a checking account. So isn't it time that you withdraw the money...

FAX Thru Email

Occasionally someone one will require you to sent them a fax or even want to fax you their fax flyer or application. Forget the expensive fax machine and the hassles with purchasing and setting up and the additional clutter in your office. Now with our fax thru mail by Superlative Web Hosting, it's as easy as sending email. Fax thru email allows you to send faxes to any U.S. or Canadian Fax number and receive a fax from anywhere in the world using your email account.

With fax thru email you can send faxes up to 30MB with your selection of custom designed fax cover sheets designed by you using our templates. Fax files from your computer, mobile device, or your Online File Folder account. With all sent faxes thru email, you will get a confirmation email letting you know that it has been received. Just think, just one place on your computer to find all sent and received faxes instead of rummaging through the pile of paper on your desk.


With Search Engine Visibility plan through Superlative Web Hosting, promoting your eCommerce site is a breeze. The faster your ranking increase means more money in your checking account. You could pay thousands of dollars on Search Engine Optimization companies or follow our 4 easy steps. With out tips and tutorials, you will be able to achieve the ranking you desire with no technical experience. This is a must have program if you are just starting out with your online store.

Receive email containing suggestions on how to improve your rankings in today's changing internet market place. You will receive web site analysis of your site as far as keywords, meta tags and robot text files. Superlative hosting makes it easy to submit your site to over 200 search engine companies.

Express Email Marketing®

Superlative offers Express Email Marketing the legal and spam free way. Start off by going through our step by step setup to get you going. Just enter company info along with your from and reply email address and upload your logo (optional). To abide by the anti spam laws, the email will clearly identify the person or company requesting the information along with the date and a link to unsubscribe which is all handled by the marketing program.

You will be guided on how to build opt-in links for your web sites to increase your email marketing list. Our email marketing plan takes you through the process of creating a campaign mailing from start to finish. You can choose from one of our professionally designed email templates or build your own. Our extensive help pages for each page in the set up is user friendly and very helpful in guiding you through the process. We also have a 24/7 phone line to answer any of your questions.